Monday, December 3, 2007

Woman's Rights Activist Jailed in Iran

Womens rights activist Jelveh Javaheri was arrested Sunday in Tehran. Ms. Javaheri is a sociology student and has long been active in women rights’ groups, including the ongoing One Million Signature Campaign, a campaign for women's rights whose website (translated to English) is here.

Ms. Javaheri was charged with inciting of public opinion, propaganda against the state, and publication of false information, through reporting of false news on the site of the One Million Signatures Campaign, Change for Equality. You can find a sample of Ms. Javaheri's work here. Jelveh Javaheri has since been transferred to Evin Prison’s Public Ward 3.

Jelveh Javaheri was one of 33 women arrested on March 4, 2007, during a peaceful protest outside the Revolutionary Courts objecting to pressures placed on women’s rights activists and the trial of 5 colleagues. Ms. Javaheri is due in court on the 18th of December in relation to her arrest in March.

Maryam Hosseinkhah another member of the One Million Signatures Campaign was imprisoned 13 days ago on similar charges and is currently being held in Evin Prison.

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(Hattip: Emperical What You See Is What You Get)

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