Sunday, February 13, 2011

Expanding Powers

Modern proponents of big government hold some very noxious views. One, they view all money made in this country as property of the government, subject only to what they opt not to tax. Two, these same individuals claim the right to expansive powers by asserting that our Constitution, laws and regulations mean whatever they want it to mean. The latter is a point Ann Althouse eloquently makes in her post on the assertion by Ray LaHood and other's that "e-cigarettes," which produce no smoke, none-the-less are regulated by anti-smoking regulations:

In a world where it depends on what the meaning of is is, all the government needs to do is interpret. Regulating interstate commerce includes forcing people to buy things they don't want to buy, and smoking includes not smoking. You can make anything you want be true, if you only believe. And "you" means "the government," and "believe" means "dictate."

Do read her entire post. It is well worth the read.


Ex-Dissident said...

It sounds like this is a case worth taking to court.

On a philosophical note: Cigarette smoking is functional: makes you more alert and helps you think... Prometheus gives man fire. He holds fire in his hands and creates the modern world. Now we legislate against holding this fire.

GW said...

Lolll. That is a great take on Prometheus. I need to remember that one.