Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cameron & Multiculturalism

PM David Cameron attacked multiculturalism in Britain yesterday. Here are a portion of his remarks.

I applaud his raising this issue. Whether Cameron will be able to follow through and change the hold multiculturalism has on Britain is suspect.

Multiculturalism is a direct outgrowth of marxism. Karl Marx, in the opening lines of the Communist Manifesto, stated that "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles [between the] . . . oppressor and oppressed." And that defines the heart and the soul of the left to this day.

The left throughout Europe and America have taken the Marx paradigm and overlayed it upon society. The left divides society into "oppressed" groups by whatever sets them apart from the "oppressor" class, be it Muslims, women, blacks, gays, etc. The left treats the oppressed groups as entitled to special treatment and to freedom from judgment or criticism. Commonly, any criticism is delegitimized as a "racist" attack and the one speaking the criticism is demonized. The flip side of the left's marxist paradigm is that the "oppressor's" culture and history is demonized. This is, in a nutshell, is what actually defines "multiculturalism." It is and always was a tool to destroy traditional society, allowing it to then be rebuilt into a Marxian worker's paradise.

Britain has been on this multicultural path for decades in fits and starts, with it becoming core British policy under the Labour governments of PM Tony Blair and then PM Gordon Brown. It has, when applied to the triumphalist Islam that is pervasive in Britain's Muslim community, become a virulent toxin.

If Cameron is serious about attacking this cancer, then his task is daunting, for it has metastisized throughout British culture and is ensconced in British law. For just a few examples, see the following:

- an 80 yr old woman under attack for publishing her concerns with Islam in a Church newsetter.

- a discussion of Muslim no go areas, attacks on freedom of speech, and the degree of radicalism to be found amongst the Muslim population of Britain

- the problems of honor violence, forced marriages and female genital mutilation among the Muslim population in the UK

- a poll of 600 Muslim students attending university in Britain found that 32% of British Muslim students support killing for Islam and that 40% want to see Sharia Law imposed in Britain.

- any person or organization that takes a principled stand against the encroachment of Islam is inevitably demonized in Britain as "far right wing" and racist. Indeed, the treatment given such groups in Britain is even more vicious and pervasive than the treatment by the left of the Tea Party on this side of the pond. One such organization that figures prominently in the news reports below is the English Defense League. As to whether they are "far right wing," here is their website and below are two interviews with the head of the EDL. The EDL does not seem either racist or "far right wing" to me. They are standing up and saying, "no more." And that is driving the left crazy.

In the immediate aftermath of his speech condemning multiculturalism, Cameron was attacked by the left and by Muslims. This from the Guardian:

David Cameron was accused of playing into the hands of rightwing extremists today as he delivered a controversial speech on the failings of multiculturalism within hours of one of the biggest anti-Islam rallies ever staged in Britain.

Muslim and anti-fascist groups questioned the prime minister's judgment and sensitivity to the issues, saying he had handed a propaganda coup to the hard-right English Defence League as 3,000 of its supporters marched through Luton chanting anti-Islamic slogans. . . .

And this from the Daily Mail:

A major row over Islamic extremism erupted last night after Labour accused David Cameron of being a far-Right ‘propagandist’.
Sadiq Khan [the Labour Party's Shadow Justice Secretary] made the incendiary remark in response to an outspoken speech by the Prime Minister attacking ‘state multiculturalism’, calling for a stronger British identity and signalling a crackdown on Muslim groups. . . .

Gavin Shuker, the Labour MP for Luton South, questioned why Mr Cameron had given his speech on the same day that 1,500 EDL supporters demonstrated in the town. They were policed by 1,800 officers from 14 forces in an operation costing around £800,000.
‘On the day far-Right extremists descended on Luton, is Mr Cameron unwise to attack one form of extremism when another form is on the streets making people in Luton feel unsafe?’

The Muslim Council of Britain’s Dr Faisal Hanjra said: ‘The Muslim community is very much in the spotlight, being treated as part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution.’ . . .

The last quote, from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), hints at the problems Britain has with its Muslm population. The MCB is Britain's branch of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, yet they are treated by many in the government and the media as spokesman for the UK's Muslim population.

At any rate, to say again, Cameron's task is daunting. Multiculturalism pervades not merely Britain's culture, but its laws. And it is augmented by permisive immigration rules. Moreover, given that multiculturalism is central to the left's power structure throughout the West, they will fight Cameron tooth and nail to preserve it in substance, if not in name. I hope Cameron succeeds, but I will be very surprised if he does.


trencherbone said...

Muslims can't contribute anything positive, they can only destroy civilised life. This is the disaster that multiculturalism has inflicted on Britain!

billm99uk said...

I think the general response here (except from the "anti-racist" left, obviously) was "Nice speech, but is he going to actually do anything about it?". We got plenty of decent speeches on the problem towards the end of the Blair era, but no action.

And you have to remember there'll be plenty of entrenched opposition to it on his own side too. There's always been a strong element in British right-wing thought that treats immigrant communities in a "quasi-imperial" manner - you send out your diplomats to treat with their chiefs and come to some sort of "agreement" with the natives. Not to mention the prominent pro-Arabist elements in the Foreign Office...