Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Hits

Unemployment -
Instapundit - [Gallup reports] unemployment up to 10.3 Percent. I’ve noticed a divergence between the Gallup numbers and the “official” numbers lately. I wonder why that is? Is it seasonal adjustment, or something else? Underemployment is up to 19.7 percent.

BizzyBlog comments on an IBD editorial explaining why businesses aren't accepting Obama's offer to "get in the game."

The speeches at Hot Air: Coulter, Cain, Romney, Bolton, Daniels

Globull Warming -
I have several core concerns with global warming theory, with the single most fundamental being that I don't trust the historical temperature record for all the reasons set forth here and here. We learn today that several scientists, inlcuding Anthony Watts, are about to set up an independent temperature monitoring program that addresses those concerns. Whatever data this produces, the concept - the actual practice of transparent science in the climate field - sounds quite promising.

Mark Steyn critiques the dismal performance of our intelligence agencies.

Michael Totten on Tariq Rammadan and the false face of moderation in the Muslim Brotherhood

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