Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gore, Godzilla & The Religion of Global Warming

And just to correct the record, according to IPCC scientist Roger Pielke, Sr., responding to a similar claim made in the NYT: "[T]he oceans have not been warming in recent years (e.g. see the 2010 paper by Know and Douglas)." As I said a month ago, making the same point as Krauthammer:

Thus do we need to be forcing the warmies to answer, at every turn, the simple question, what evidence would be necessary to falsify the theory of global warming? What are the "facts" that they identify as forming the crucial underpinnings of AGW? With that answer in hand, then the meme of AGW will cease to be mindless dogma. It will become actual science that cannot withstand scrutiny.

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That was funny. Made me laugh, too.