Monday, April 5, 2010

Climategate Update 26: The Return Of Arctic Sea Ice, Der Spiegel On Climategate, & The Whitewashing of Climategate In The UK

Climategate continues it convulsions. Der Spiegel covers it in a long article, explaining why belief in global warming in Germany is plummeting. Yet left-wing politicians continue to pretend that nothing has changed. Various attempts to whitewash this greatest scientific scandal of our time are made, including the ridiculous findings of a House of Commons inquiry. AGW scientists continue to make claims that simply defy logic, yet many AGW scientists are running scared, and it seems to me at least that contrary science is now being truly heard. Moreover, in but the past few days, another major development has occurred in the spirit of Climategate. After years of scaremongering as to how the ice in the arctic was receding and would soon disappear, causing massive changes to our climate, sea ice in the arctic is now all but completely recovered.


Der Spiegel has a good article, A Superstorm For Global Warming Research, on Climategate and its reverberations. It is too long to condense, but it looks at many aspects of Climategate and its fallout, finding politicization and sloppy work exposed and public confidence in AGW theory waning. But while the majority of the article is quite good, it goes off the rails when it comes to dealing with computer modeling. The Der Spiegel authors assume that, despite it all, AGW is real and the computer models used to predict AGW still valid. But as I have pointed out here, the computer models relied upon by the IPCC are fundamentally and fataly flawed. They assume that the primary driver of temperature is CO2 and they have failed over the past decade as the earth has cooled while CO2 has risen. Dr. Doug Hoffman makes much the same point in a recent post in his blog, The Resilliant Earth. He looks at numerous computer models, concluding:

[M]ore pernicious are the lies generated by climate models, models held up to be oracles of scientific truth—and nothing could be farther from the truth. The models lie because they are built on faulty assumptions, calibrated with inaccurate data and are, by their very nature, incapable of calculating “correct” answers.

Nonetheless, politicians continue to ignore Climategate, acting as if it never occurred, and that AGW theory is reality. Thus do we have Obama now 'pivoting' to his cap and trade legislation ostensibly to combat global warming. And in Britian, an utterly laughable House of Commons inquiry into Climategate found, after one day of hearings, that the issues arising out of Climategate were but smoke and mirrors. And of course, many AGW scientists attempt much the same. For example, Goddard has published a temperature map based on adjusted temperatures that, if it is to believed, has the arctic and antarctic with temperatures rising starkly. Yet, as meteorologist Joe Bistardi points out, that is impossible. Arctic sea ice is growing significantly.

This growth in Arctic sea ice despite the continued growth in human CO2 contribution is of great import as to the validity of AGW theory. Dr. North at EU Referendum has up a must read post on this, A Death Spiral For Warmists:

Jonathan Leake in The Sunday Times picks up on the news that the size of the Arctic ice cap has increased sharply to levels not seen since 2001, putting the ice extent two days ago almost at the average level for 1979-2000.

Given the enthusiasm the media have shown for reporting Armageddon claims about the retreat of the ice, it is significant that his is the only such report in today's batch of newspapers – although The Daily Mail covered it briefly yesterday. Hitherto, the only detailed report had been on Watts up with that?.

But what is especially significant about the Leake report is his interview with Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Colorado. He is said to be "surprised" by the Arctic’s recovery from the great melt of 2007 when summer ice shrank to its smallest recorded extent. "In retrospect," he says, "the reactions to the 2007 melt were overstated. The lesson is that we must be more careful in not reading too much into one event."

In making this declaration, Serreze is getting away extraordinarily lightly. It was he, after all, who was pre-eminent in stoking up the alarm over the Arctic ice melt, providing fuel for the warmists and driving much of the global warming scare as the ice extent became a poster child for the activists. . . .

Do read the entire post. Dr. North methodically covers the litany of claims made by the AGW crowd on the basis of arctic sea ice melt. But AGW is proven now not to be the cause of the Arctic ice melt. This is very significant news indeed.

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billm99uk said...

The House of Commons whitewash is hardly a surprise, though. It was reported in most of the UK papers that the chairman of the committee was a notorious AGW "believer" as soon as the appointment was made.

cdor said...

"After years of scaremongering as to how the ice in the arctic was receding and would soon disappear, causing massive changes to our climate, sea ice in the arctic is now all but completely recovered"

I googled Arctic Sea ice 2010 and did not find any articles substantiating the return to "normality" of Arctic ice. I didn't follow the Der Spiegel link that you posted, GW. Are there any other links you could list?

cdor said...

OK, I see it now,,
sorry for the stupid question. These people get really involved in the minutiae, but that is there business, so to speak. I, however, cannot get over wanting to say, "SO WHAT?". How many years data do we have? How many times in the past million years have the ice caps changed dramaticlly with or without man? How bad would it be if the ice caps melted altogether? The current coasts might have some problems, but think of all the livable space for mankind where the ice and cold are now prohibitive. Besides, I live in Kansas, what do I GAF? Man thrives in warmer climates, not ice ages.

GW said...

CDOR - follow the link to Dr. North's post at EU Referendum and the many links in that post. I am not surprised that you ae not finding any articles. There are a few out there, but this is such a dagger in the heart of AGW that it is being quite studiously ignored in the press at the moment.

GW said...

Your second comment posted just as I left mine. All that you say is correct, with the exception that this matters because it was made into such a central element of the global warming scare.

cdor said...

This AGW debate reminds me of GW Bush, to paraphrase, "We have to destroy capitalism in order to save it". In AGW terms, we have to destroy Mankind in order to save mankind. WTF? These people blithely run up deficits that will no doubt cause economic collapse on a global level (much sooner than any catastrphic climate change) yet they get all wee-weed up over less than a century of mostly inaccurate temperature data. I'm a simple guy, but the smell in the air is unmistakable. It is bullsh*t. Clean air and clean water, absolutely, but to claim that I am destroying the planet by exhaling is just a bridge too far for me. Since the beginning the intent has been obvious...TAX the living cr*p out of us poor suckers. We work and they fly to Indonesia and Copenhagen on private jets for global warming conferences.

Thanks for the help, GW. You have been doing a yeoman's job in this area.