Friday, December 11, 2009


Gore dissembles on Climategate while his interviewers are ignorant of the facts or complicit in Gore's whitewash:

(H/T Flopping Aces)

To think that this man was once but a heart beat away from the presidency . . . The only thing worse than Gore in this montage are the idiot interviewers who do not call him on his outright falsehood about the date of the leaked CRU e-mails. Indeed, they are not all "ten years" old. The actual time span of the e-mails goes from 1996 to Nov. 12, 2009. Indeed one of the more famous of the e-mails is Keven Briffa's from two months ago, stating the reality that the globe is not warming and he doesn't know why. I am so tired of these softball interviews of these criminally fraudulent people, Gore chief among them, I am near speechless.

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