Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Green Reverse Robin Hood

From across the pond, here is Dr. North at EU Referendum, passing on the UK's new green "feed-in" tarrif program. It is a program where you can install green energy producing "enhancements," such as solar panels, on your property and the UK government will require that all energy you produce will be bought by the energy company at a premium - regardless whether you use all the energy yourself:

. . . So it starts ... the pigs rush to the trough, scooping up the cash by the handfuls. They would be mad not to do so. The government has devised an utterly mad system designed to put £8.6 billon a year into the kitty, available for anyone able to afford the initial investment. AND THE REST OF US PAY.

This one, like so many, has crept in under the radar, a perverted, distorted reverse Robin Hood scheme where the poor are robbed to give to the rich. And even with today's debauched currency, £8 billion plus A YEAR is a lot of money – you could build four aircraft carriers a year with that, every year.

This is money which is going to be siphoned out of our pockets, all to produce electricity in one of the least efficient and most expensive ways known to man. On our backs, will arise a vast, bloated "green" industry, milking the poor and the less-well-off, just to pay homage to a mad obsession. In Zimbabwe, runaway inflation produced scenes such as the one shown. If you see something similar in Britain, you are looking at a solar energy developer.

Keep a close eye on what happens across the pond. It is a laboratory for socialim and green insanity. And it is a laboratory whose results Obama seems to wish to emulate.


Ex-Dissident said...

How bizarre. What's next: will I have to pay a surcharge for my morning donut to subsidize all the folks eating egg-white omelets and organic salads in some pricey restaurant? Obama-mama's obesity campaign should hire Bill Clinton to pitch this tax.

Ex-Dissident said...

I've decided that the main characteristic politicians share is their love of pilfering public savings. "Green", "renewable" are nothing but titles in a show meant to distract people while these thieves pick our pockets.