Sunday, January 9, 2011

If We Only Had A . . . Policy

Michael Ledeen points out yet again that one of the world's most dangeous regimes is in exteme straits, but that we are doing nothing to directly mine the situation:

. . . Let me put that more bluntly: the supreme leader is afraid of what might happen to his regime if his enemies are arrested and tried, while the Green leaders are challenging him to do just that. So who’s the stronger horse?

If we had a serious Iran policy, we’d put some money down on the strong horse, but we haven’t had a serious policy since the fall of the shah. And we’re not the only ones. Take the Germans, for example. Once upon a time they’d have inspired a bit of fear in the hearts of an Iranian regime that arrested two of their journalists. But not any more. Now they beg. A bunch of famous Germans are asking the Iranian tyrants to be nice to the two German journalists imprisoned in Tehran. . . .

Making this amoral, psychotic regime fall to an internal revolution is the school solution. The de facto alternative is, eventually, war.

H/T Instapundit

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