Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nonverbal Responses To Recently Voiced Democratic Concerns

One does not need an extensive vocabulary to respond appropriately to concerns recently voiced by Democrats. For example:

Having been swamped in the 2010 elections, particularly in state legislatures where Congressional redistricting will soon take place, it would seem that several Democrats now want to make redistricting "fairer" via federal control over state redistricting plans. The only approriate response:

And over in the House Oversight Committee, Dem. Rep. Elijah Cummings is demanding veto power over the Chairman Issa's use of subpoenas to investigate the Obama Administration. That one deserves an equal response:

Then in Virginia, where the Attorney General is investigating fraud by climate science charlatan Michael Mann, the Democrats are seeking to take away his subpoena power and scuttle the investigation. Let's call George Bush out of retirement for that response, since he resisted all attempts to regulate CO2 during his administration:

Indeed, responding appropriately requires few words indeed.

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dave in boca said...

Ah yes, "fairer" like the "Fairness Doctrine" or American like "People for the American Way." Orwell is twirling in his coffin over the way the American left has adopted the euphemisms of totalitarian statist tyrannies.

BTW, isn't there someplace in the constitutional "separation of powers" where the Feds can't interfere with the methods states employ to realign their congressional district lines. The problem with the Demonrats is that they have ten shyster lawyers for every litigator on the GOP side and they want those hourly fees, like the ones run up by the FanFred creeps who embezzled $100 million plus in "bonuses."

Demonrats = Corruption