Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Need More Defense Spending, Not Further Cuts

Of the four wars that happened in my lifetime, none occurred because America was too strong.

- - Ronald Reagan

Our military is being asked yet again to do more with less. I guess if we can repeal DADT in the middle of war, there's no reason we can just cut the military budget, already nearly 20% below historic average relative to GDP, by another $78 billion.

In other news, China recently unveiled its latest attempt at stealth fighter technology, they recently fielded a "game changing" missile capable of killing an aircraft carrier at in excess of 900 miles, Iran continues its drive towards nuclear weapons, North Korea could well bring us into a war in South Korea, nuclear armed Pakistan is a failed state that could easily fall to Muslim fundamentalists . . . . did I miss anything? Hmmmm, let's see, Russia doing war games aimed at a nuclear attack on Poland, Hugo the Clown getting medium range missiles from Iran that can reach the U.S., . . .

The world is not a safe place. Not all of the laws on paper and nor all of the treaties written in ink will change that reality, nor stop a single bullet. Notwithstanding the beliefs of many on the left, America is not the cause of strife in the world, it is the stabilizing influence. We weaken our military even further at our own peril. We may find that we have saved a penny today, only to have to spend a pound in the long run. While there may be savings to be had in reforming the Pentagon procurement system, I think it ill advised indeed to be cutting weapons systems or manpower.

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