Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Nanny State - From Mad To Malignant

The Nanny State Gone Mad . . .

Houston says: Let the homeless eat ratatouille . . . and I am not talking about the vegetarian version. The local government feels that is safer and better for the homeless's diet than allowing good samaritans to feed them warm, home cooked meals - at least when the samaritans do not have a government license to cook the food and are not using a credentialed food manager to oversee the process.

In Maine: How many steps does it take to dispose of our newly mandated mercury filled green light bulbs?

The Nanny State Turned Malignant:

In Britain, a mother who suffered temporary paralysis from a fall had her infant child taken from her by the local child services. They have now held the child for 18 months and have been allowed by the Court system to repeatedly put off any hearings that would allow the mother to regain her child. Moreover, it seems they have manufactured evidence in order to justify putting the child up for adoption. How do the Brits put up with this without shooting everyone involved? Ooops, forgot, no guns allowed among the law abiding. Obviously there is a good reason for that policy across the poind, where the nanny state has turned malignant and the politicians are unafraid of the electorate.


Ian R Thorpe said...

You're right, here in the UK we're not to play with things that aren't safe Nanny decided and so she passed a law saying nobody can have guns.
Like all laws it was ignored by people for whom breaking the law is a career choice.

The coalition government have shown signs of a move towards common sense but Nanny's cohorts are embedded deep in the machinery of government.

GW said...

I found it hard to believe when I was researching the issue a long time ago, but it was the Tories who started the gun prohibitions in the UK about 1920 or so. I am still amazed that had Tory roots, but I was equally amazed that the UK's hate speech law had its origin in Attila The Hen's administration.

At any rate, I wish you the best of luck with the coalition government at getting Nanny to let go of the state. I am sure, as you indicate, she is holding on with a death grip.

GW said...

By the way, nice humorous essay on the Nanny State's attempted suicide

billm99uk said...

Hey, if fists, broken beer glasses, stanley knives and spanners (that’s wrenches to you, sunshine!) were good enough for my father, and my father’s father, they’re good enough for me! Though thanks for the baseball bats, by the way. Contra to anything you saw in “Shaun of the Dead” it’s actually quite hard to beat someone to death with a cricket bat. They tend to bounce off at odd angles and put you off your stroke…
Seriously, though, all things considered, in a democratic society they’re plenty of ways of finding solutions for this sort of crap without actually shooting anyone y’know. Even if you think violent death is the appropriate penalty for the social workers in this case (which is a bit harsh, if you ask me) you’re probably going to have to go through an awful lot of people who are merely doing their jobs first. If someone was to go on a gun rampage at our local Social Services Department at the very least they’re going to have to deal with the desk clerk (big rugby fan, got married last year, wife’s expecting their first child shortly) and the security guard (ex-army, Falklands vet, lovely bloke, still lives with his mum, buy my poppy off him every Remembrance Sunday). It’s just not a very nice way of dealing with things is it now?
The gun control thing was originally mostly as a result of WW1 and WW2 – we got so many guns brought home as souvenirs by returning soldiers there was a bit of a crime wave both times and this was often the easiest way the government of the day could at least look like it was doing something. It’s also why in old black-and-white British crime movies the weapon of choice is usually the Luger – the standard German officers’ pistol, which was a damn sight easier to hide in your kitbag than a Mauser rifle, obviously!