Monday, August 3, 2009


Who said when your enemy is fighting amongst themselves, get out of the way?

Who said this: “And in the face of Obama’s deplorable agenda we have “progressive” organizations like MoveOn, which should be declared the Sociopathic Slime-Balls of the Century.”

Rush Limbaugh? Nope. A prominent Left-wing blog,

And who said this: “This is not a simple matter of an organizational oligarchy manipulating its membership, although the avoidance by MoveOn's leadership is a troubling sign.”

George Will? Nope. An excerpt from a column in the Left’s flagship, The Nation, by anti-Vietnam War activist Tom Hayden.

How about this headline? “Violent Crackdowns and Sweetheart Deals. Andy Stern's Rackets.”

Michelle Malkin? Nope. Ralph Nader writing in

While the Right is bemoaning The Fall of Western Civilization As We Know It, so, on other grounds, is the … elitist Left.

Looks like the Left’s having a power failure. . . .

Do read the entire article. As the author cogently concludes:

Elitists fear the values of democracy and liberty, more so from within their own movement. Hence Stalin’s assassination of the anti-totalitarian Trotsky…. Politics 2.0 is as much about populism vs. elitism as it is about Left vs. Right; and the shape of the future will depend as much upon whether the elitist Left or the populist Left prevails as it does upon the Left’s emerging power failure.

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MK said...

Would be nice if they could tear themselves to pieces, but i doubt we'll be that lucky.