Saturday, August 8, 2009

Insulting Americans Of Latino Heritage

Judge Sonia Sotomayor has now been confirmed to the Supreme Court. In his remarks on the vote, Obama called it "historic." And as the NYT summed up:

Many political strategists warned Republicans that opposing the first Hispanic nominated to the Supreme Court would jeopardize the party in future elections, and some Democrats sought to portray Republican opposition as an insult to Hispanics.

Unfortunately, what did not make it into the debate on Judge Sotomayor, nor into the national narrative following her confirmation, is the story of Miguel Estrada. Republicans missed a huge opportunity by not raising his story as a counterpoint to show the vast hypocrisy of the left's identity politics.

What should be in today's paper, as part of the story on Sotomayor's confirmation, is at least a paragraph on how these same Democratic politicians, in 2001, used all of the tricks at their disposal to prevent Miguel Estrada being named to the DC Court of Appeals explicitly because they perceived that he was a "LATINO" being "groomed for the Supreme Court." That was the real insult to "latinos," not republicans choosing to oppose a woman, whatever her background, whose judicial paradigm is overtly tainted with reverse racism.

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