Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Opposite Of Straight Talk

There is a special place reserved in the American pantheon for those people who "say what they mean and mean what they say." Obana represents the opposite. Not but two years ago, as he campaigned for the Presidency, he spoke about a single payor health care system before the SEIU. He could not have been more explicit in stating that he envisioned that a "public plan" health care option, put in place today, would crowd out private insurance and result in full government control of healthcare in about two decades.

And in the wake of his push for a public option, the main criticism of a "public option" has been on precisely that ground - that a public option would result, if not tomorrow, then in the foreseeable future, in a complete government take over of health care. Obama now claims that it would do no such thing. Who are we to believe, Obama or . . . well . . . Obama.

The White House has come out obfuscating furiously. They have laughably opined that the Obama-SEIU video was "taken out of context" and utterly false. They do not show any of the video. The White House instead just shows Obama's very recent statements claiming otherwise. Compare and contrast:

There is no objective reality when it come to Obama. This truly is Orwellian. How much would anyone like to bet that no one in the press will follow up on this with anything other than a softball question at best.


Ex-Dissident said...

Ever consider that perhaps these reporters in the MSM press have good reasons to keep quiet? Maybe they are scarred shitless about what happens to those who speak out.

discount coupons said...

the health care reform is dropping now because the increase the margin of voters..

Marvin said...

Reporters used to think of themselves as brave and daring in exposing the truth.

Paul_In_Houston said...

It comes down to this, with ANY man.

Is his word really worth anything?
Or, is it just noise?


OBloodyHell said...


> Is his word really worth anything?
Or, is it just noise?

Integrity is like a balloon.