Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thuggery - & Astroturf - Up Close & Personal

Alternative Post Title:

Shabbily Dressed, Deranged, Post Menopausal Moonbat With An SEIU Printed Sign Attacks Bleached Blonde Botoxed Bimbo Republican At AstroTurf Event

Heh. This one is fun to blog.

One of my long time blog friends is the estimable blogger, Dinah Lord, pictured above (are those clothes Brooks Bros?) in the midst of an assault by an SEIU thuggette at a Denver 'meet and greet' of sorts for Nancy Pelosi. The picture, and the story of the assault on Dinah, were featured in the Denver Post, where one of the snarky left wing commentors labeled pretty Ms. Dinah a "bleached blonde botoxed bimbo republican." Heh. Dinah, already having proven her physical ability to give as good as she got in the altercation, proved herself equally up to the task in the literary realm, being moved to describe her attacker as a "shabbily dressed, deranged, post menopaual moonbat."

You can read Dinah's pugilistic tale in all of her colorful prose here and here.

There was also a very interesting second aspect to the event that one blogger, Looking At The Left, captured in excruciating detail. First, compare and contrast these four pics from the Denver event attended by Dinah:

One would expect the highly organized puppets of the insurance industry and racially motivated Republican astro-turfing efforts to be displaying similar messages. But they aren't. Indeed, their placards all sport hand drawn messages - swastikas curiously absent - each somewhat different than all others. The same was hardly true of the SEIU / pro-Obama protestors. They arrived with cookie cutter signs provided by an organization for the event. So, just who is the "astro-turf" at this event?

But you have to see the entire above post. It is truly excellent. I will leave one of the most telling scenes of it for you to find when you read the post. It involves spanish-speaking day laborers who were also found to be carrying signs for the pro-Obama crowd at the event. It is hilarious.


Dinah Lord said...


I knew you'd get a laugh out of this, GW. And how interesting was El Marco's photo essay on the Astroturfing at the event?

Quien sabe, indeed.

Thanks for the link love, my friend.

velvethammer said...

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius encouraging union thugs SEIU.
“We need to roll up our sleeves.” and “Keep doing what you’re doing.”
What would that be assaulting more ObamaCare opponents, like the SEIU goons did in St Louis?
Welcome to the Obama ThugOCracy

BTW Could you please do me a little favor and update my link on your blogroll? My blog (Ironic Surrealism II) hosted at conservablogs was hacked so I have since moved on and created a new one.
Ironic Surrealism v3.0

- VH