Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Madness Of The Brits

This from across the pond in the always interesting blog, Counting Cats in Zanzibar:

Eighty year old Muriel Clark of Hildenborough has caused quite a stir writing for her local church magazine, Hildenborough Keys. Here is what she wrote:


by Mrs. Muriel Clark

In view of the worldwide media interest in the fate of Mrs. Ashtiani in Iran, I am concerned about the ever increasing Islamisation of our own country, and think we should take a stand against:

a) uncontrolled immigration of Muslims whose birth rate exceeds that of other groups.

b) allowing Turkey to enter the EU with the inevitable consequence of the increase in our Muslim population.

c) establishment of non-integrated Islamic communities, including no-go areas to so-called infidels in our cities.

d) imposition of sharia laws, taking precedence over our legal and banking systems.

e) halal meat and dairy products stealthily introduced into our prisons, schools and shops.

f) the sometimes intense, and often subtle promotion of Islam in many primary schools in order to influence impressionable young minds.

If we are honest, we know about the oppression of Islamic regimes in Muslim lands, where infidels are not tolerated. Is that what we in Britain really want?

Despite the seeming lack of faith in our Christian heritage, even in sections of the Church nowadays, I am convinced that by far the majority do not welcome these undoubted pressures to bring our country into submission to Islam.

All fair comment. This lady has voiced what many people are thinking and was supported by the magazine’s editor, Nick Hawkins and the Reverend John Chandler. She is right to voice her concerns, after all we live in a country that values free speech.

Not so fast. It seems Ms. Clark has violated the "hate speech" codes of today's Britain, for which she now well may be facing official sanction at the request of the local politicians, including a local Tory (conservative party) functionary. It is disgusting, but all too emblamatic of the stranglehold the left has on Britain. For a long discussion of Britain's "hate speech" codes and Muslim problem, see here. This will not end well.


dave in boca said...

The most shameful part is the participation of the local Conservative in this lynch-mob against an eighty-year old. If I were a Brit, I'd join the BNP.

Anonymous said...

@dave in Boca - yes, the local Conservative serves as a wake up call to the fact that what masquerades as a Conservative, may be something else in disguise - when I looked into Councillor Jamil, it would appear that his first loyalty is to the Pakistan Muslim Party (N), so he is busy serving 2 masters. Whilst speaking out against Muriel Clark, he remains silent about the frequent killing of Christians in Pakistan.