Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama To Medved: " It’s important" For Putin "To Give Me Space" Until After The Election

This brings up lots of issues - every one of them very troubling.

Clearly Obama is indicating that he can give Russia more of what they want from us if only they don't make waves before the election. And by implication, these same Obama plans would be very problematic if they became public prior to the election. So what is it - missle defense? Most likely. It is one area where we have a huge advantage and about which the Russians have been screaming like stuck pigs. So is Obama going to sell out our ABM capabilities to the Russians if he gets a second term?

Two, we may not have thousands of nukes pointed at Russia today, but anyone who thinks of that nation's government as benign or friendly to the U.S. is naive beyond all measure. This is the same Russian government that has helped build Iran's nuclear program, is now supporting the Syrian government with troops, and has all but annexed a part of Georgia. So just where can Obama possibly see our interests and those of Russia intersecting?

And lastly, of course, what is it that Obama can be telling foreign leaders that he is holding back from the electorate in advance of an election?

God help this nation if Obama is reelected. We will never recover.

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