Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I Take Nothing From Warmies At Face Value

Nothing makes me see red in the AGW debates like another warmie hiding data, thus negating the scientific method. Yet it seems to be SOP for warmies. The latest example comes from a urinating match between Michael Mann and Hu McColloch. You can read about it at Climate Audit. The passage that caught my eye was this:

If all of Thompson’s cores had been fully archived at the NCDC’s website, as is customary for this sort of data, it would be feasible to back out which ones he used by a least squares regression on decadal averages of all of them, region by region. The excluded ones would then simply show a zero coefficient. However, with the notable exception of Quelccaya, Thompson has kept most of this primarily NSF-funded data to himself (and a few select friends, apparently), for one, two, or even three decades after it was collected.

This is criminal. But there is a very simple solution. Anyone who accepts public funding for their research but who then refuses to make all data and methods fully available to the public should thereafter be permanently ineligible for all future public grants.

If they are not following the scientific method, than it is not science. Indeed, their findings are useless but for warmie propaganda.

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