Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Small Step For Warmies, One Giant Leap For Science

Although the warmies fought off total devastation from Climategate, at least some, including notably the MET and CRU, have gotten the message that they need to be practicing real science - not political science - if they value their future. You will recall that, in January, the MET and the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of beleaguered East Anglia Univ. released their latest temperature data showing that there had been no warming for the past 15 years. Now the MET and CRU have announced:

Given the importance of the CRUTEM land temperature analysis for monitoring climate change (e.g. Trenberth et al. 2007), our preference is that the underlying station data, and software to produce the gridded data, be made openly available. This will enhance transparency, and also allow more rapid identification of possible errors or improvements that might be necessary (see e.g. the earlier discussion of homogeneity adjustments in the SH). . . .

As a result of these efforts, we are able to make the station data for all the series in the CRUTEM4 network freely available, together with software to produce the gridded data ( and

Hallelujah. My biggest beef with the warmies has always been that their data, having never gone through the "scientific method," had not an ounce of trustworthiness. What MET and CRU are doing is how science in our modern era should be practiced. My hats off to them. This is a huge step forward for climate science. My faith in the MET / CRU data has taken a giant leap forward. I now await a similar act from NASA'a odious uber-warmie, Jim Hansen. I shall begin holding my breath in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .


Anonymous said...

CRUTEMP is not raw data.

CRUTEMP3 was freely available for years. There was recently a period about 1 to 2 years when CRUTEMP was not available. Given that CRUTEMP4 is now online, I can only assume that more chicanery was going on during those two years, culminating in CRUTEMP4.

It STILL is not raw data. It does not reveal what actual temperatures were recorded, where they were recorded, how, and by whom.

CRUTEMP contains only "aggregated" and "adjusted" averages that HAVE NO SOURCE!! Its a list of numbers that NOBODY can reproduce. It is NOT, therefore, raw data.

It is therefore NOT science.

There is no way to know where these numbers come from, or whether they simply sprang from Phil Jones head.

(again, this is only as regards temperature records prior to 1940)

GW said...

Actually, all the individual station data and the CRUTEM4 gridded product is available at the Met Office Hadobs website. The code is not out yet as to the anamolies, etc., but that should be out shortly. Much of this is what Climategate itself was about. Unless I am missing something here, this seems a big step forward.

As to prior to 1940, I will accept that you are correct.