Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Red Herring: The Left's Opportunistic War On Rush

Rush apologized the other day to Sandra Fluke for referring to her as a prostitute (for requiring people to pay for her to have sex) and a slut (at $3k a year for contraception, various estimates are that she must be having sex 3 to 5 times a day, 365 days a year). Fluke and the left don't merely want her to receive free contraception paid for by all of America, but they think she should be free of moral judgment. Whether Rush should have apologized to Fluke is very much open to debate (see this from Cassy Fiano at PJM and this from Belladona Rogers, also at PJM), but the fact is that he did.

After Rush apologized, Sandra Fluke refused to accept his apology. And then today, in an utterly disgusting display of base partisanship, Obama himself refused to honor Rush's apology, saying that he "didn't know" what was in Rush's "heart." This coming from the same piece of pond scum who has made a cottage industry of apologizing for America. At any rate, it is not like the left is acting in accordance with some higher moral standard here. Compare and contrast the faux outrage of the left with Rush over their virtual cone of silence when it is someone on the left making truly inappropriate remarks about Sarah Palin, Palin's 14 year old daughter, or Laura Ingrahm. Likewise is Obama's acceptance of $1 million from Bill Maher, a man who regularly disparages women on the right in the crudest of terms. Or just read of the left's brutal disparagement of Michelle Malkin. This outrage over Rush's remarks is pure opportunism.

The left from top to bottom is refusing Rush's apology because they are, to quote Legal Insurrection, at total war with the right. The left is not aimed at righting a wrong, but rather aimed at silencing Rush and removing his voice from the public square. The modern left is an implacable enemy of free speech.

In what has become a tried and true tactic for the left, they are expressing their faux outrage to their target's advertisers. To this point, they have succeeded in having some 35 advertisers, bowing to a tsunami of complaints from the left, pull their ads from Rush's show.

This tempest in a tea pot will eventually wind down. But as long as it goes on, the biggest potential danger is not that it threatens Rush Limbaugh's continued viability, but that it may fix in the public's mind the utter canard that this really is all about some vague "war on women." It is a travesty. The two issues are that the HHS mandate violates the First Amendments Free Exercise of Religion clause, and equally, why all Americans should be forced to fund the sexual lifestyle choice of some women. That is what this whole debacle needs to be refocused upon - immediately.

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