Thursday, August 29, 2013

An After Hours Black Break-In

Another story about blacks of note in the news today.

Four black men went into a deserted convenience store after hours. They picked up batteries, sun glasses, etc. and then they . . . . paid for them. Under the impression that the store was open - the store's lights were on and the lock on the front door had malfunctioned - the four men, football players at William Patterson University, tried to find a clerk. Unable to do so, they worked out the costs of their purchases and left the money next to the cash register.

In all fairness to the four men, they not merely acted honestly, but they acted with good character. The test for character is this - how do you act when no one is looking. Well, these men passed a test many others of all colors would fail in today's America. Their parents should indeed be proud of them.

Having spent much of my life in the highly integrated world of the infantry, these were the type of people of all colors whom I lived with and was proud to call my friends and co-workers. In the political arena, as the left tries to paint the right as inveterate racists, and people like me on the right are responding in part by pointing to the failings in civilian black society that the left are ignoring for political reasons, its nice to be reminded that, in the real world, the vast majority of blacks are simply honest Americans who try to do the right thing. The problems of today will be solved, certainly not by Rev. Al or Jessee, but by men like this.

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Ex-Dissident said...

Unfortunately, working at a county hospital, I am surrounded by the other kind.