Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Liberals Have Nearly Destroyed The Black Community, It's Time To Return The Favor

Elbert Guillory, an eloquent, conservative black politician, has been a Louisiana State Senator since 2009. In announcing the creation of the Free At Last Pac, a political action committee with the goal of electing black conservatives, Mr. Guillory had this to say:

I concur with everything Mr. Guillory said - and his mission is critical to our nation. The plight of far too many black Americans is an obscenity in 21st century America. And it is a travesty that conservatives have written off the black vote because of the success of the racial grievance industry in playing the race card. If there is one thing conservatives should do over the coming years to help our nation, it is to take the message of conservatism into the black communities. Mr. Guillory is precisely right when he says that libs have "nearly destroyed the black community" and that it is "time to return the favor." Actually, it is far past time.

(H/T Seraphic Secret)

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