Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Is The One's VP Pick

Fox News is reporting that they have confirmed Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) is Obama's VP pick. The NYT also is running the story. This is good news for McCain. Obama has chosen quite possibly the most verbose and egotistical wind bag in a Senate full of them.

This whole episode surrounding Obama's choice of a VP is quite curious. Why wait until after the Friday news cycle to finally arrive at a decision and announce - particularly when Obama had promised an announcement on Friday. This smacks of a bit of disarray in the Obama camp. As does the fact that the vaunted mass electronic notification was not used to break the news.

Regardless, while Biden does bring a lot more experience to the Obama ticket, he is nowhere near as strong a candidate as Obama could have chosen. As Powerline noted the other day:

. . . [H]ow can [Biden] possibly help Obama? Throughout his long career, Biden has been anything but a powerhouse. His several Presidential runs have gone nowhere. On the national scene he is, frankly, a bit of a joke. What is he going to do, help Obama carry Delaware?

You can see the logic behind choosing Biden. Obama is young, so he wants an old Veep. Obama knows little about American history, diplomacy, foreign affairs or military matters, and Biden is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Superficially, it seems to make sense.

The problem is that, whereas Obama is a young lightweight, Biden is an old lightweight--Obama with a hair transplant. While Obama has only been a lightweight for 47 years, Biden has been one for 65. Is this a big plus? I doubt it. If you put Biden on a stage next to Tim Pawlenty and ask voters which one is the serious candidate, two-thirds will say Pawlenty. . . .

Listen to Biden speak for 5 minutes and you come away impressed by his intelligence and gravitas. Listen to him speak for 10 minutes and you come away wondering just how much this joker is in love with his own voice. Listen to him speak for 15 minutes and you are able to identify a world class ego wound up in a very run of the mill intellect and you will feel an almost irresitable desire to break off the finger he keeps wagging at you while pontificating. Listening for twenty minutes or more is not recommended by the American Psychological Association.


KG said...

Isn't Biden the man who plagiarised a speech by the loathsome Brit leftist, George Galloway?

KG said...

Ah, no--it was the equally odious Neill Kinnock he copied it from.

John Sobieski said...

I remember years ago seeing Biden on TV when he was just starting his hair plugs. Boy did it look awful. You tried not to look as he talked but you couldn't help yourself. It looks like it turned out better than I thought. He is certainly full of himself. We will see how this plays out.

GW said...

KG: Yes, it was Kinnock. And I will have to look it up, but as I recall, Biden even neglected to change the parts of speech where Kinnock talked about his childhood and background which were, in fact, different from Biden's. Biden is a gift to the right. Obama is desperate and such people make bad decisions. Choosing Biden proves the point.

Anonymous said...

gw, I think I understand the why they chose Biden. From my perspective, Biden is a lousy choice as he is full of himself, has terrible judgment, and would make an awful leader. From a purely photogenic perspective he is a well dressed older man who is well groomed and appears presentable, especially to conservative older American women. This is also why Obama was elected; it is not about substance but all about appearances. These two are actually very similar; no substance but photogenic; tall and well groomed.