Monday, August 18, 2008

Bipartisan Support For The Pickens Plan

I blogged three weeks ago on Democrats and the Pickens Plan - a plan that includes everything from offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR to exploiting oil shale and natural gas. Its a kitchen sink plan with all of the above being in addition to pursuing development of alternative energy - something the left apparently hasn't yet grasped from their endorsements above. Unfortunately, all of the video was from Red Lasso which has now been shut down by law suits from the MSM. This you tube video from the Republicans via Hot Air makes the points just as well.

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Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Pickens - he has his eye on water in Tx. Part of his deal is that he's established an 8 acre water company which then expanded by use of eminent domain. He wants control of water - which is ultimately even more vital than oil - at least in TX.