Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Convention Day 1

A pretty dull night over all. I was looking forward to listening to Jimmy Carter open the festivities and speak about Obama serving out Jimmy's second term, but the DNC wisely pulled the plug on that. The only thing better would have been having Rev. Wright giving the opening prayer - but he is being held by David Axelrod bound and gagged deep in the jungles of Ghana with labels plastered all over his body saying "Do Not Release Until December 2008."

Pelosi spoke - and no one paid any attention. Heh. You couldn't hear her over the chatter from the floor. It was good to see Ted Kennedy make an appearance also. He looked remarkably healthy and gave a stump speech that was vintage Kennedy. We may have been given a hint of how dire is his prognosis when he promised to be at the January swearing in.

The main focus of the night was the speech by Michelle Obama, Barack's bitter half. She gave a very well rehearsed speech that was well delivered and, I thought, a good speech. It checked all the boxes and sounded the utopian hope and change themes. At least it was positive and did no harm. Karl Rove gave it a failing mark for being too much a stump speech and not enough an introduction into she and her husband.

Michelle Malkin has both the first draft of Michelle Obama's speech (heh) and the text of the actual speech.

The real fun was apparently outside of the Convention where the nations breakfast people - assorted nuts and flakes - gathered en masse. Gateway Pundit has all the stories, including:

- An anarchist riot outside the Sheraton Hotel resulting in sixteen arrests.

- Michelle Malkin getting chased about by screaming lefties.

- A Soros funded group has a bus containing a shrine to the evils of Bush and a film showing Americans being attacked by roadside bombs in Iraq.

- Midwest Jim enjoys the accomodations made available to our guests at Club Gitmo, compliments of Amnesty International.

- The People's Press Collective has video highlights of some of the demostrations. You will find some friendly faces in the crowd, including Cindy Sheehan and Ward Churchill.

Stay tuned tomorrow - its PUMA day.


Anonymous said...

Obama's bitter it. Nice coverage, GW. I feel like I was there (almost)...those two in the pic above are real winners, aren't they? Why is it that moonbats just have that certain je ne sais quoi about them?

GW said...

I suspect it comes from a failure to regularly bathe.

And thank you for the kind comments.