Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Obama's vote against a bill to protect children born alive during a botched abortion is indefensible. Abortion is one thing. Infanticide is another thing entirely. Alan Keyes spoke on this some time ago with great eloquence:


Joanne said...

"Abortion is one thing. Infanticide is another thing entirely."

I personally do not see the difference - a life is a life, but people who are pro-death(choice) may see that a child born and left to die to be even too cruel for them to swallow - let's hope so, but I wouldn't count on it.

Obama is a liar and he lied about how he voted and what he had said on the issue to cover-up his defenceless stand on allowing a liee birth baby to be left to die. This certainly shows that Obama is well aware of his lack of empathy for the born or the unborn for that matter. People lie when they can't admit to others their own shameful behaviour and stand on issues, and they are always too stupid to realize that their lies will come back to bite them.

Joanne said...

...a 'live' birth baby...