Monday, August 11, 2008

Links From The Anglosphere

Today is links from our allies in the Anglosphere, all below the fold:

Art: Conversation in a Park, Thomas Gainsborough, 1740

From North of the Border

Kateland at The Last Amazon blogs on the "second Inquisition." Palestinians are making use of Spanish courts to charge Israelis with war crimes. International law, just like the UN Human Rights commission, is subject to gross distortion.

The Covenant Zone sees China and Canada as going in opposite trajectories, the former towards greater freedom, the latter towards greater repression.

Halls of Macademia posts inarticulate commentary placed on his site from the left. Until recently, I was predisposed to ignore such folks, but I think we do so at our peril at this point.

The recent spate of Human Rights Commission cases in fact seems to be causing a lot of introspection on freedom of speech north of the border. Blazing Cat Fur has several good posts on this topic, including this one on articles addressing the topic by Nigel Hannaford and Ezra Levant in the Calgary Herald. But, as Five Feet of Fury notes, the Muslims who wish to silence speech in Canada and, for that matter, the HRC are determined to prevail. This really is grotesque.

Ezra Levant posts on his confrontation with his HRC accuser, radical Pakistani Imam Syed Soharwardy, on a radio show this week. He asked of Soharwardy when he was going to repay the half million taxpayers dollars wasted on the HRC inquisition of Mr. Levant.

From Down Under

Dr. John Ray posts at a Western Heart on how Kevin Rudd is using politicized science – evidence that is sounding ever more shrill as hard evidence of the falacy of anthropogenic global warming – to justify his massive assault on Australia’s economy.

Col. Robert Neville recounts the conversation of Derek & Clive as they contemplate Islam and anonymous commentor on the good Colonel’s blog. Interesting, the comment sounds very a lot like those from the loony left memorialized in the link to Halls of Macademia above.

KG is doing a bit of howling at Crusader Rabbit over a publicly funded meeting of NZ "bovines" and Islamics, apparently so the NZ ladies can brush up on their dhimmitude.

MK notes that, if you are travelling on the high seas, you had better go armed. Muslim piracy did not end with the Barbary pirates.

Aurora ponders the naked aggression of Russia and sees dangers for America’s allies if Obama is elected President and the world is left without any policeman.

From Across The Pond

Standards matter more than money. From an Englishman’s Castle: "The literacy and numeracy of new employees have tumbled over the past decade despite Labour’s £28 billion increase in education spending, according to research by a leading employers’ organisation."

Heh. At Biased BBC, the foxes are calling for a poultry protection act.

From Bishop Hill, the BBC – a snake pit of socialism, multiculturalism and post modernism – has now made its global warming bias official: "The BBC has held a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts, and has come to the view that the weight of evidence no longer justifies equal space being given to the opponents of the consensus [on anthropogenic climate change]."

Brits At Their Best notes that Brits retain their affinity for measuring distance in miles, not metric.

Burning Our Money spells out, . . . well, how Labour is burning through Britain’s money.

From the Centre for Social Cohesion, this is an interesting artifice. Radical Muslims in the UK want Sharia law recognized for Muslims and, in fact, are running Sharia law courts, though not recognized by the UK. So what the radicals have done now, to give their Islamic marriage a patina of fairness between the sexes, is to launch a new Muslim marriage contract that is, on its face, more fair to women. If that is their goal, why not simply rely on the law of marriage in the UK? Clearly they intend to use this to try and blunt the criticism of those reactionary, non-BBC watching BNP types who do not want to see a parallel legal system recognized in the UK.

The Winds of Jihad has the story of the British welfare system at work. Counting Cats has his fur up and is hissing loudly.

David Thompson bravely goes where few will willingly tread – into the indecipherable prose of the academic bull-shit artist. He appears to have found a few literary Picassos.

The Heresy Corner weighs whether Obama is the anti-Christ.

Hibernia Girl casts a jaundiced eye at some more of the many benefits of EU law – such as preventing enactment of common sense laws to tackle welfare fraud. The EU really is the penultimate socialist nightmare.

Heh. The House of Dumb notes that the left has ferreted out an insidious plot by right wingers.

Mediocracy diagnoses the root causes of the difference in popularity between Gordon the Leper and Tony the Annointed.

One of the most hypocritical aspects of modern feminism is the utter failure to support Muslim women. Mick Hartley notes at least one feminist who justifies that by projecting onto veiled Muslim women the belief that they are making a conscious choice to go veiled so as "a way to register protest against the sexual objectification of women and express solidarity against Western colonialism." There is some post modern thought at its finest.

When I read this story at Pub Philosopher, all I could think was that I did not realize a Clockwork Orange was a documentary.


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