Friday, August 29, 2008

Change To What?

Change is a neutral word. All things change. It is a constant. The question is whether the change is positive or negative.

Obama tosses out the vague word "change" and accuses McCain of being a clone of Bush. Of course, there is also a question what "change" Obama has in mind. takes a look at both.

In terms of their records, McCain is a conservative willing to break from his party and President on occasion. Obama is a doctrinaire liberal who votes the straight party line. This from

. . . According to Congressional Quarterly's Voting Studies, in 2007 McCain voted in line with the president's position 95 percent of the time – the highest percentage rate for McCain since Bush took office – and voted in line with his party 90 percent of the time. However, McCain's support of President Bush's position has been as low as 77 percent (in 2005), and his support for his party's position has been as low as 67 percent (2001).

. . . Obama voted in line with fellow Senate Democrats 97 percent of the time in 2007 and 2005, and 96 percent of the time in 2006, according to CQ.

. . . To sum up, McCain has indeed voted to support the unpopular Bush 95 percent of the time most recently, but less so in earlier years. And Obama has voted pretty close to 100 percent in line with fellow Democrats during his brief Senate career.

Read the entire article. The change Obama promises is not a bi-partisan one. It is a hard turn to the left.


Anonymous said...

"Enough", is the new buzzword from Democratic convention. I can see some significant simillarities between Obama and the fictional character - Nuff Said, pushing progressive dominoes in the movie Ocean's 13. Although I would rather take my chances at a card table with Nuff Said, rather than Obama.

GW said...

Alas, never saw the flick.