Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Far Left Author Identifies The Real Lesson Of Iran

Amazingly, according to left wing author, Frank Schaeffer, the "real lessons" of Iran are the importance of robustly promoting democracy in the Middle East and, in particular, the creation of a secular, truly democratic Iraq on Iran's border. To my surprise, Mr. Schaeffer agrees with a point I have been making for years - that the examples of Iraq and the most popular religious figure in Iran, the apolitical Grand Ayatollah Sistani, pose a mortal threat to Iran's theocracy. Shaeffer further writes on what he thinks Obama and our nation should be doing to help those individulas who are putting their lives on the line for freedom inside Iran.

Just joking. Reality and the beliefs of the far left are mutually exclusive concepts. Likewise, the far left are much more concerned with destroying ideological enemies at home than addressing the mortal enemies of Western Civilization - and their own citizenry - outside of our borders.

The utterly despicable ass that is Mr. Schaeffer writes in the Huffington Post that the lesson for us from Iran's uprising is to "Beware America's Republican Mullahs." Indeed, according to Mr. Schaeffer, if we were to allow "Republican Mullahs" - not sure who they are, but apparently it means anyone who is Christian and Republican - to take power in the U.S., their would be mass repression of all who are not male W.A.S.P.s. Indeed, Mr. Schaeffer goes on to tell us that the "Republican Party [is] the tool of America's mullahs married to the Neocon war mongers." There has got to be an award for this level of sophomoric, vituperative fantasy.


Rose said...

You had me going there for a minute, thinking there was hope! LOL.

That guy may be deranged, but some are not - you may like this one: The Confluence - Witnessing the Courage of Iran, Part 2

OBloodyHell said...

> There has got to be an award for this level sophomoric, vituperative fantasy.

If there were, you'd go broke giving it out 2, 3 times a day.

> Just joking.

I would've bolded/italic'd that, just to make certain it was truly visible, lest someone read only the first para and think The Left was coming to its senses, which is the kind of utter and amazing miracle even God doesn't perform.

When the Islamic headsman comes for them, expect to hear the whine, "But I supported you guys!!".

GW said...

Rose - yes, I sas that Cohen article. It is a good one.

O' Bloody Hell - true, true . . . . they will be left wondering why they're being stoned, even as the first rock strikes their skull.

suek said...

>>...even as the first rock strikes their skull.>>

Just an observation...but have you ever wondered where all the rocks in the middle east come from? I mean - if you had a protest in the US, people would pick up lots of things to do damage with, but for the most part, it wouldn't be rocks. I don't think you could even _find_ rocks on most city streets. But in Israel, Gaza (ok...I understand Gaza - lots of their buildings torn down) Iraq Afghanistan - any place there's conflict...people are constantly throwing rocks at other people. Maybe we could get peace in the

Middle East by sending over big dump trucks to remove all the rocks. Make another artificial island somewhere like they did in Dubai...

OBloodyHell said...


No chance, suek. They'd just have the terrorists demolish some more buildings for fresh rocks, situate a few missle-launchers in some buildings for the Israelis to surgically remove -- and voila!

Fresh rocks.


MathewK said...

It is scumbags like him that hold back humanity, scum like him that hinder liberty, peace and freedom. If only the parasite had the balls to have left when these republican mullahs were supposedly terrorizing and lording over america, just prior to their beloved commie muslim getting elected.