Thursday, June 11, 2009

Join Al-Qaeda, See The World

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Obama teams approach to Gitmo is starting to resemble a Three Stooges short.

Let's see, we're sending four Uighur terrorists captured in al Qaeda training camps in Tora Bora now on the way to the Bahamas (which has teed the Brits off to no end) where they can spend their days sipping pina colodas on the beach. The other ten Uighurs are suffering a similar "horrible fate," being sent to the balmy Pacific island of Palau - where the U.S. is responsible for defense, by the way. Hey, this terrorism stuff works out pretty well, eh. This ought to be a real recruiting tool in the garbage strewn back alleys of Cairo.

Not only are we sending out these prisoners, we are paying big bucks to other countries to take them. Indeed, Palau's decision to accept the remaining Uighurs came after receiving a $200 million aid package. As the WSJ calculated, that amounts to "$11.7 million for each detainee." If that establishes the going rate, its going to cost the nation over half a trillion dollars to empty out Gitmo in time for the grand installation of Obama's throne on the moral high ground.

And, of course, that doesn't begin to consider the costs to our nation if these individuals find their way back into the jihadi world and begin blowing things up. The Uighurs may not pose as substantial a threat to the U.S. as do the rest of the terrorists detainees in Gitmo. The remainder are the "worst of the worst" and we have every right to hold them until the end of hostilities. But whose to worry? Its clear Obama has this all in hand.

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