Friday, June 12, 2009

Reason To Be Concerned About Food Supplies

I blogged in the post "Fiddling While Rome Freezes . . . And Crop Production Falls," on the reality of that we have seen seven years of cooling, that we are seeing unusual cold and snow across the globe, that none of IPCC computer models forecast this, and that this weather is having an appreciable negative effect on agricultural production. This was in part based on an earlier post by Dr. North of EU Referendum.

Dr. North has another post on this topic today. As he points out, a combination of factors, the most important of which is cold weather, are effecting agricultural production world-wide, with demand outstripping production. Another major factor is the use of agricultural products for bio-fuel, with all of this "exacerbated by the stresses in the energy, financial and currency markets, which makes food commodities 'increasingly vulnerable to external shocks.'" And as he concludes:

Against this obvious fragility of the global food production and supply system, a continuation of the current cooling trend could have catastrophic effects. We are very much on the brink, and only the slightest lurch will send us hurtling over the precipice.

A very worrying note indeed. Do see his entire post.

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