Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Media Lust (Updated)

Phil Bronstein, posting at SF Gate, hits the nail on his head with his post, "Love or lust, Obama and the fawning press need to get a room." He ticks off example after example of the ridiculously favorable treatment Obama is receiving from virtually the entire MSM. As he likens it, the press is acting like an infatuated woman of little virtue. Calling for a reality check, he notes:

So far, this is all about image and character and press "opportunities." But with what CNN financial reporter Elizabeth Cohen called this morning "gazillions of dollars" of our money at stake and crazy people with nukes bristling from around the edges of the world, we can't afford not to keep a closer eye on the substance thing.

True. Unfortunately, Bronstein is like a street corner preacher in a red light district - his message is falling on very deaf ears indeed.

Update: It seems that Victor Davis Hanson is likewise having a crisis of confidence when it comes to our media. As he calls it, there is a "new groupspeak in which basic words and ideas—from terrorism to war itself—have been reformulated according to political dictates."

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MathewK said...

Hussein and the media have a room and they're fornicating to their hearts content. It's sickening and disgusting, but people ought to know this by now. I mean seriously, how many studies, polls and evidence do people need to figure this out. The media have been openly leftist for years and years.