Sunday, June 7, 2009

Labour's "Long, Dark Night Of Humiliation" - Britain & Europe Swing Right

Labour did not just lose the latest 4 June EU Parliament elections, they got toasted. According to the Guardian:

. . . Labour trailed humiliatingly behind UKIP in the European elections and was expected to garner about 16% or 17% of the vote, its lowest share since the First World War and below the party's worst expectations.

During a dramatic night of unremitting gloom for Downing Street, the Tories appeared to have pulled more than 10 points ahead of Labour, with UKIP in ­second. The BNP also secured its first ­significant wins in British politics when its leader Nick Griffin became an MEP in the north-west, and Andrew Brons – a former leader of the National Front - won in Yorkshire and Humber.

Read the entire article. The gains by the BNP in particular have the left spitting blood. The British left did all they could to demonize the BNP, including trotting out the Archbishop of Canterbury, the odious Rowan Williams, to rail against voting for the BNP. All to no avail, it seems, as the Daily Mail reports: "The triumph for the [BNP] neo-fascist party, which will now send two MEPs to Brussels - including its leader Nick Griffin - sent shockwaves through Westminster . . ."

I do not know if its fair to characterize today's BNP as a "neo-facist" party, but I do know that they seem to be the only party speaking out on taboo issues that threaten the very fabric of the UK, not the least of which is immigration. They are tapping into a lot of angst among the rank and file that the Tory Party, which has sought to emulate the Labour Party in so many ways, simply is not. I think the best possible thing for British politics would be for the BNP to have a stand on the national stage. So long as they don't evince overt racism, they may be able to spark a true national debate free of PC restrictions on such things as freedom of speech, health and safety, multiculturalism, nationalism, and immigration - all areas where socialist policies have done immense damage to the fabric of British life.

Indeed, having watched the socialists in Labour deconstruct British society and attack Christianity over the past decade and then turn Britain into a province of the EU without a vote of the British electorate, its nice to see the pendulum swing and swing hard. Certainly a good portion of this vote was a reaction to the scandal over MP expenses. But it was part of a greater movement all across Europe that saw big gains by right and center-right parties, including most notably Geert Wilder's anti-EU, anti-immigration party which "shot to second place behind the ruling Christian Democrats by taking 17 per cent of the vote in the Netherlands." Wilders is outspoken in his stance against the predations of Islamists throughout Europe and is perhaps best known for his production of the movie short, Fitna (see here).

This also from the above-linked Guardian article:

Labour's European meltdown was amplified on a continental scale last night as the centre-left across the EU suffered defeats despite an economic climate from which it should profit. The most significant outcome was in Germany, the EU's biggest member country, where the Social Democrats (SPD) came in 17 points behind Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats and their Bavarian CSU ally.

In France, and Italy the centre-right also scored victories while Spain's socialist government lost to the conservatives.

Now if we can only get our own socialist left out of power, perhaps there is yet a chance for Western Civilization to survive.


Ex-Dissident said...

in NY 2 democrats jumped ship and republicans took over the state senate. Didn't have to wait for 2010. I hope GOP doesn't waste this.

KG said...

It's a start, GW.