Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fog Of War - & Twitter

The following were some of the reports being sent over Twitter at #iranelection during a 20 minute period between 12:40 and 1 p.m. Iran Standard Time. New twits (or is it twitters?) are coming in at a rate of about 1,000 per every 5 to 10 minutes.

There are reports of violence at various places throughout Iran as well as rumors about everything from foreigner visas being cancelled to speculation on what the Iranian Army - as opposed to the IRGC - is doing. I wrote two days ago that the wild card in this, as events progressed, will be what the non-IRGC Iranian military decides to do. At any rate, here are some of the substantive twits - (or is it twitters?):

letzi83: . . . now anyone with camera or laptop is attacked in street


thegaryrosen: Why would you believe the "recount" would be any less fictional than the count?

adagop: . . . are hearing that all foreigner visas are being cancelled by gov

iranStreetNews: . . . There are rumours of Basij HQ in Tabriz set on fire. Can not confirm yet.

TaraGolightly: BIG explosion at Nooshiravani Babol University (North Iran),police does not lets people to go there

darkepi: RT Shiraz Resign: . . . "I denounce the invasion of the university by military forces, and announce my resignation"

toddmit: rumour spreading Tehran - Army Generals have met in secret - Army considering position

Khuzestani: reliable source Isfahan hospital - many injured from last 24 hours

TaraGolightly: Basiji HQ in Tabriz burned by protestors with 'many' dead

draddee: Rallies by both Pro-Ahmadinajad and Pro-Mousavi supporters are scheduled for today. Clashes expected.

El: Reports say Univ. protest are continuing, Sharif and Politechnic faculty joined the protest.

mediamadam: Isfahan hospital: many injured from last 24 hrs, Shiraz U reports of unrest & governor resign

Stardragonca: from iran:"They are evacuating all buildings around valiasr Sq&filling it with Basij", please be careful!

sarahinaz: Moussavi rejects idea of recount & wants fresh elex b/c recount will provide more opp. for fraud, his camp said

BelondyDuJour: Urge Prz. Obama to come out stronger against violence & support the people! Speak up! Your a leader now...no more campaigning.

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