Friday, January 1, 2010

Bill Kristol On Obama and Iran

From Bill Kristol writing in the Washington Post, imploring President Obama to do more than a one off, one minute vignette to support the revolution percolating in Iran:

. . . Doesn't the history of the 20th century, with its wars and genocides and terrorism, teach that "the side of those who seek justice" doesn't easily prevail? That justice needs all the energetic support it can get? That the help of the United States is crucial?

The United States has not even begun to do what it could -- rhetorically and concretely, diplomatically and economically, publicly and covertly, multilaterally and unilaterally -- to try to help the Iranian people change the regime of fear and tyranny that denies them justice.

Regime change in Iran in 2010 -- now that would be change to believe in.

I fully concur and have said so repeatedly.

One could reasonably argue that Obama should have thrown his support to the protestors in the immediate aftermath of the Iranian government's brutal repression of protests in June. He chose not to. But there can be no reasonable argument that now, with the revolution in Iran moving into a new phase, it is very much in the interests of the U.S. to extend decisive support to the revolution on every level possible. If Obama fails to do all he can to help this revolution succeed - and concomitantly bring an end to the most evil regime on this earth before it fully metasticizes in the manner of Nazi Germany by 1938 - than Obama will have committed the mother of all foreign policy blunders. It would be a blunder that dwarfs even the decision by France and Britain in 1937 not to stand up to Hitler and thus avert WWII. Chamberlain and his counterparts in France of the era, Léon Blum and later Camille Chautemps, were weak men, but they had not the clear example of history to inform them. Obama is a weak man, but he has the example of Chamberlain and his contemporaries. Obama cannot plead ignorance. Now is the time to act.

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