Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hope & Change In The Cold, Crisp Bostonian Air

Never did I think Hope n' Change would infect conservatives, but it seems this stuff is more infectious than the H1N1 . . . . .

Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by 4 points in the latest Suffolk’s Political Research Center of likely voters. In bluest of blue Massachussets? For Chappaquiddick Ted's ancestral seat? The only thing that could make this any better would be if I had an ownership stake in the Depends and Peptobismal kiosk nearest the White House.

I have not blogged this up to now because, so many other people have been doing such a good job of it. But this latest info has infected even me with the hope and change flu. Jules Crittenden, Legal Insurrection and Memorandum are the places to go for updates. This is really fun. If Ted is in heaven, I am sure they are keeping him in a room that doesn't get cable news. Then again, if he is in hell, I have no doubt he is sitting superglued to a chair in front of Fox News in widescreen HD.

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