Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hard Left U.

From the NYT article, "Professor Is A Label That Leans Left." The cloistered world of academica draws liberals, but is the 5 to 1 imbalance because so few conservatives apply for jobs in academia? Or is it because so few conservatives are hired into a profession where the liberal professors are themselves the gate keepers?

(H/T No Oil For Pacifists)

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OBloodyHell said...

The key think is that it's interesting how little "diversity" of political opinion matters.

If it were women profs who were only 1/5th of the whole, they'd be all over efforts to recruit more women into the fold (indeed, in the under-represented professions, like engineering, there are such programs in place)

Of course, we could never actually have any programs to "fix" sexual-imbalance problems with any female-dominated professions, such as nursing... No, it's fine and dandy that women dominate fields, it's just wrong for men to do so.

And, then, as former feminist Warren Farrell points out in The Myth of Male Power, the Glass Ceiling is also a Glass Floor. If you examine the Jobs Rated Almanac, you find, interestingly enough, that the bottom 25 professions ALSO happen to be Male Dominated. Can't be caught suggesting anything needs to be done about that, either, of course.

The end result is an asymmetry of functions which acts against conservative white males.

But that's ok: after all, they're eeeeevil.