Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Fraud Begins

The deadline for an application for an absentee ballot in the Massachusetts Special Election was several days ago, on Jan. 15. Absentee ballots are, to the best of my information, issued only to specific individuals. So what is a Democrat activist doing today wandering about Massachusetts with a stack of blank absentee ballots, offering to fill them out with a vote for Martha Cokely?

Hopefully, immediately after the above video was shot, the police were called and, once Ms. Melendez was booked. Moreover, let's hope that police learn the identity of the person who gave this stack of absentee ballots to her. Then lets get started building a gibbet.

If the far left thinks they can do this type of blatant vote fraud and, like it has for most of the last decade, it will pass yet again under the radar, they are just not reading the tea leaves. True, we can be reasonably certain the Obama DOJ will ignore it. And as I wrote the other day:

The left has fought for years to insure that our voting system remains amenable to fraud, both within the context of elections and unionization. Indeed, through a variety of methods, not the least of which is a plan for universal voter registration, the left seems prepared to undermine our democratic process to an extreme degree.

But the middle and the right are energized - and organized - like they haven't been for decades. Let Brown lose because of the "margin of fraud" (which American Digest puts at 4.8%) and all hell will break loose. God help the left when the right decides that their vote no longer matters because of fraud. It will make what is happening in Iran look like a . . . well, a tea-party is probably the most apt description.


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