Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Marker Put Down On Obamacare

The swing state of Missouri's landslide vote, 71% to 29%, to pass proposition C, refusing to enforce in Missouri the Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance, is a big marker set down in the continuing push back against Obamacare. Polls have invariably shown opposition to Obamacare ever since its passage, though recent polls have shown a slight softening of opposition. Well, Missouri's vote was the penultimate poll - a full scale vote of the citizens. And the angry mob has spoken unambiguously.

More from Hot Air on the implications from the vote:

Even Rasmussen may be underestimating the power of ObamaCare repeal in its likely-voter turnout, as their last poll on this question in Missouri clearly underestimated (in an indirect survey, of course) the results for this election.

Bear in mind that over 315,000 Democrats turned out to cast ballots in the primary that nominated Robin Carnahan, while over 577,000 Republicans hit the polls. That is about a 65/35 split — which means that a significant amount of Democrats either supported the ballot measure repudiating ObamaCare, or didn’t bother to cast a vote to defend the program. Actually, Prop C got more votes than the combined voting in both Senate primaries — which tells us something even more about the passion in the electorate.

Democrats may have to hit the panic button after seeing the results from this swing state. ObamaCare set fire to the electorate last year, and that may be an inferno for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in November.

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