Thursday, August 12, 2010

Naming Gutfeld's Gay Bar

People are having just too much fun coming up with names for Greg Gutfeld's proposed Islamic gay bar next to the Ground Zero Mosque. As I blogged below, The Daily Gator has a naming contest going on. And now I see that there is one also going on at Gay Patriot. Some of the suggestions are truly hilarious. Examples:

Between The Shieks


Bend Over and Face Mecca”


Florence of Arabia

The Naughty Saudi

My contributions:

- Dar-al-Fabulous,

- ho-MO's

- Akbar Zeb's Place
(look it up)

lollllllllllll . . . if you have any more suggestions, head over to Daily Gator and Gay Patriot. All will be appreciated.


Right Truth said...

This gay bar next to the Mosque is such a delicious idea. At first I thought it was a joke, but it is serious. The Mosque supporters are offended, big surprise, and were offered an alternative site for the mosque, but they declined the offer.

We can only conclude that they approve of the gar bar next door, where their male members can get their homosexual needs met, even during the night hours, so no to interfere with their 5 times a day prayers, proselytizing, preparing for terror.... heh

As to the name? How about:


Right Truth

Cammie Novara said...

When I navigated to the The Top 12 Reasons To Burn A Quran On 9/11 piece on Hubpages I determined that Wolf Howling's web visitors should be able to discuss this:

GW said...

Cammie: Thanks for the comment and the link. I have visited the link. I am not sure of you're point in including it. If you mean to imply "Islamaphobia" or something akin to that, I would invite you to spend more time reading my blog. You will find no stronger supporter of Muslim reformists and moderate Muslims than I. The flip side of that is that I am not, nor ever will, accept dhimmi status or the creep of political Islam in America.

At any rate, if I misconstrue your point, I apologize.

Gnostic said...

Florence of Arabia - genius!

Unknown said...

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