Thursday, August 5, 2010

EPA & The Second Battle Of The Alamo.

The EPA is making good on Obama's threat to force control of carbon on America through the back door if Congress refused to act. It is doing so with an extremely heavy hand as it tries to skate around the sytemic problems of regulating greenhouse gasses within the legal framework of the Clean Air Act - a law ill designed for such a purpose.

Responding to the EPA's heavy handed approach, the Texas Attorney General has forwarded a caustic and detailed letter that, as AJ Strata points out, reads almost like a declaration of war. The AG repeatedly points out how the EPA is vastly overstepping its authority and takes extreme umbrage at the EPA's attempts to steamroll Texas into submission. Read the whole story at The Stratasphere.

Update: Dr. Melissa Clouthier, posting at Liberty Pundit, sees this as another manifestaton of push back by states and individuals against the vast overreach of the Obama administration. I would have to agree.

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Paul_In_Houston said...

I can't help noticing (nothing new about this) that, yet again, you have to go to the internet to even become aware of this.