Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crazy Nancy, The Media & The Ground Zero Mosque

Speaker of the House Crazy Nancy has called for an investigation into the funding of the Ground Zero Mosque the opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque. On what grounds? For exercising their right of freedom of speech? This is insanity.

The latest polls show opposition to the mosque by 70% of Americans and accross all demographics. This is hardly an issue of astro-turfing or faux outrage being played up by groups mouthing their opposition to advance some nefarious, secret agenda. So who is Crazy Nancy going to investigate and for what purpose? To hold opponents up to public ridicule? To threaten them with the police power of the federal government?

Can you even begin to imagine the incoherent outrage in the press if Dick Cheney had called for an investigation into the funding of anti-Iraq war protestors? Yet is there anyone who doubts that the MSM will give Pelosi a pass?

Conversely, it would make sense to investigate the funding of the Ground Zero Mosque. Many suspect that the mosque is a "victory" mosque meant to advance the same cause for which America was attacked by al Qaeda. If so, then this mosque represents a peaceful act of war against America. Under the circumstance, the public has a right to inquire - and our government damn well should inquire - into the source of funding for this mosque.

I won't even go into the insanity of our State Dept. funding the leader of the Ground Zero Mosque project, Imam Rauf, to tour the Middle East as part of an outreach project. Here is a rule for the multiculturalists in our government - if a Muslim thinks that America brought 9-11 on themselves and refuses to denounce Hamas for terrorism, then they are not "moderate" Muslims. They are opponents of our nation and our way of life. That means Imam Rauf, CAIR, and every Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in America, should not be treated as partners by our government.

In the media, there are a bevy of articles the jist of which are to warn Republicans not to make an issue of the Mosque because . . . . well, pick your excuse. It might upset Muslims. It shows religious bigotry. It will tear Republicans apart. It is all prevarication by the MSM to try to cover for Obama for making the insanely tone deaf move of coming down on the side of building the Mosque.

The best thing for America would be for this Mosque controversy to become a huge issue with robust debate. We are ten years into a war . . . but against who?

Most Americans cannot tell the difference between al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood (goals the same, strategy different), Wahhabi Islam (more bigoted than the KKK) and Sufi Islam (ask Stephen Schwartz), CAIR (a supporter of political Islam) and AIFD (Jasser's organization to combat political Islam). America desperately needs a lesson in Islam for all the reasons I state here. We need it not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect Muslims. If this mosque controversy lights a debate that educates America, it would be the most important event to happen to America since 9-11.

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