Friday, August 13, 2010

The Death Of Hope

(H/T Hot Air)

Who best represents the interests of blacks in America - at least the vast majority of blacks who are not making a living off the race baiting gravy train? The one silver lining in the dark cloud that has been the far left having control of Congress and the Presidency is that they have exposed themselves as far more concerned about creating statist structures, increasing government power and funnelling money to teachers' unions than they have shown about jobs for Americans generally and the education for the inner city poor specifically. As Hot Air notes: "The GOP has a generational opportunity to show its relevance on economics and limited government to a broad, formerly hostile audience that finally discovered that Obamanomics is nothing more than smoke and mirrors … very expensive smoke and mirrors." I would add that Republicans should be down in the inner cities making their case not merely on the economy, but also on education, vouchers, and an end to the teachers' unions. Obama's decision to kill the DC voucher program for poor children in DC at the behest of the NEA ought to be Exhibit One.

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