Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Seraphic Secret, The Best Line Of The Day

One of my favorite bloggers, Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secrtet, can turn a phrase - of course, being an Emmy winning writer, that is to be expected. At any rate, he has a fascinating essay up on his blog discussing the intersection between the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood and its various manifestations, and how the Brotherhood types interact with Obama, the Ground Zero Mosque and Israel. In particular, I wanted to highlight this quote:

To a Muslim audience, he gives the distinct impression that he is in favor of the mosque. The very next day, and a thousand miles away, he refuses to comment on the “wisdom of building the mosque.”

Typical Alinsky tactics. Say anything to make your audience believe that you support them.

But Alinsky was writing before the new media. Now, when Obama shape-shifts, the intellectual dishonesty, the cowardly dissembling are flashed across You Tube and the blogosphere.

The American people now understand that Obama is a rigid ideologue with a severe case of political Tourettes.

(emphasis added) Heh. That captures Obama perfectly. Do read Robert's entire post.

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