Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A "Bitter" 10 Point Loss For Obama In The Keystone State

Hillary has not just won the keystone state, but unless I am mistaken its going to be in double digits. Statewide, 67% of the results are in and Hillary holds a 8 point lead. The statewide figure includes most of the Philly vote. That means the lead for Hillary will only widen. This will be nowhere near enough to challenge Obama for the lead, but it will mean . . . the cacaphonous band goes on.

Update: With 84% of the vote in, Hillary has extended her lead to over 10 points. She will probably close with an 11 or 12 point victory. Obama couldn't get out of Pennsylvania fast enough. He's in Indiana already.

Update: This from a news analysis in the NYT:

The Democratic Party, so energized and optimistic just a few months ago, thus finds itself in a position few would have expected: a nomination battle unresolved, with two candidates engaged in increasingly damaging attacks. At a time when the Democratic Party would dearly like to turn its attention to Mr. McCain, it now faces at least two more weeks of campaigning — and perhaps considerably more — risking continued damage to the images of both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama. . . .

Read the entire article. My only quibble is that the damage to the sonorous Obama is not being done by "attacks," its being done by revelations.

Update: With 99% of the vote in, Hillary takes Pennsylvania by 9.55 points. She'll round it up to 10 and I doubt that Obama wants to keep this drubbing in the public eye long by quibbling the point.

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