Friday, April 18, 2008

The Multicultural Fool of Canterbury

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the priest who recently supported allowing some form of Sharia law in Britain, is a fool who has no business whatsoever as the clerical head of the Anglican Church. He is an inveterate marxist and a pure multiculturalist who sees Western society and America as destructive forces, while accepting Islam non-judgmentally.

In his latest idiocy, the Archbishop has stated that "Christians in the Middle East are facing persecution because of British and American foreign policy," and more particularly, that the "indigenous Christian community throughout the [Middle East] have suffered from being associated with the American global project . . ." In other words, he blames America for the murderous rampages of radical Islamists while absolving them of responsibility for their actions.

Archbishop Williams might wish to educate himself as to the actual dogma of the radical Islamists - any post by Tawfiq Hamid would be a good start. Radical Sunni and Shia Islamists seek regional and global domination with nary a mention of America's "global project." He also might wish to map out where these radical Islamists hold sway - it happens to be all of the same locales where Christians are being persecuted. As to the "global project" of America, we are clearly having an effect on religious intolerance in the Middle East, it is just not the one this fool of an Archbishop is positing.

The above is Michael Yon's iconic photo from Baghdad of Christians and Muslims placing a cross back on top of a Church in Baghdad. The story that goes with that photo is here. And Williams might also want to test his hypothesis by discussing it with Rev Canon Andrew Whit, the Anglican Priest for Iraq, who seems of a different mind. And indeed, the American Project seems to be having a similar effect in the larger world, as the radical sects of Islam are weakened.

In parting, let me ask, who will rid us of this troublesome - and supremely misguided - priest?

(H/T Dinah Lord)


Joanne said...

Where is Queen Elizabeth I when you need her....

Rowan Williams is an embarrassment to all Christians; unfortunately, he is oblivious to it.

MK said...

"...who will rid us of this troublesome - and supremely misguided - priest?"

Unfortunately i think it will be the Muslim extremists who he yearns to bend over for.