Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Britain's Severe Problem

Britain's problems with its Muslim population are severe and will only get worse. According to the Home Office, British intelligence and police are tracking 30 terrorism plots, 200 networks associated with terrorism, and over 22,000 people deemed potential terrorists.


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BRITISH police and security agencies are monitoring 30 terrorism plots, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said in extracts of a newspaper interview released today.

"We now face a threat level that is severe. It's not getting any less, it's actually growing,'' she said in an interview to be published tomorrow in News of the World.

"We task the police and the security agencies with protecting us ... There are 22,000 individuals they are monitoring. There are 200 networks. There are 30 active plots,'' she said.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour government is seeking to extend pre-charge detention of terrorism suspects to 42 days from the current 28-day limit.

But Smith faces a tough task steering the controversial provisions through parliament.

The opposition Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have both said they will vote against extended detention.

Labour backbenchers are also threatening to rebel and vote down the clause in the Counter-Terrorism Bill.

"We can't wait for an attack to succeed and then rush in new powers,'' Smith said. "We've got to stay ahead.

"Because we now understand the scale of what is being plotted, the police have to step in earlier, which means they need more time to put evidence together.''

. . . "Since the beginning of 2007, 57 people have been convicted on terrorist plots,'' said Smith.

"Nearly half of those pleaded guilty so this is not some figment of the imagination. It is a real risk and a real issue we need to respond to.''

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Joanne said...

Who has the time, patience, and good luck to be able to wade through the masses of Muslims to find out who would or would not commit acts of terrorism. Just tell all Muslims, that it just isn't working out as they had hoped, and show them the door.

GW said...

No need to be that sweeping, I think. First, get rid of the Wahhabi, Salafi and Deobandi clerics, end the product of all foreign funded Islamic projects - which are invevitably radicalizing, from funded mosques to chairs in major British universities to organizations such as the MCB - actually repatriate the known radicals irrespective of the insane EU Human Rights laws, and stop any further immigration from Muslim countries until Britain has a handle on its problems. That would probably take out a grand total of about 3 to 5% of Britain's Muslim population - and change the complexion of the situation completely.

subadei said...

And stop being so anti-nationalistic. The European (and indeed American) elite seem to equate the prospect of nationalism to that of satanism or nazism. Nationalism is a cultural adhesive. It lends a societal identity that immigrants can adopt. I'd conjecture that second generation "immigrants" (not really an immigrant at that point but) in America are more likely to identify themselves as Americans than their European counterparts. Why? Everything about American mainstream is in your face and unapologetically American.