Sunday, June 8, 2008

And They Are Just Figuring This Out Now?

When socialism was born in the French Revolution, the socialists went to war against Christianity. Fifty years or so later, Marx wrote that religion is the "opiate of the masses" - while sitting in a library in London, if I recall correctly. The British socialist party wrote in their 1911 manifesto that "it is a profound truth that Socialism is the natural enemy of religion." So its taken two centuries for the Anglican Church to figure out that Britain's socialists - today found in the Labour Party - are anti-Christian? Talk about your incredibly slow learners.

This today from the Times:

The policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have helped to generate a spiritual, civic and economic crisis in Britain, according to an important Church of England report.

Labour is failing society and lacks the vision to restore a sense of British identity, the report says in the Church’s strongest attack on the Government for decades. It accuses the Government of “deep religious illiteracy” and of having “no convincing moral direction”.

The report, commissioned for the Church of England and to be published on Monday, accuses the Government of discriminating against the Christian Churches in favour of other faiths, including Islam. It calls for the appointment of a “Minister for Religion”, who would act as the Prime Minister’s personal “faith envoy” and who would recognise the contribution of faith communities to Britain across every government department.

. . . The report comes only days after Dr Sentamu accused Mr Brown of sacrificing liberty for misguided notions of equality and of betraying new Labour’s mantra of “rights and responsibilities”. It shows the extent to which church leaders feel betrayed by the Government’s embrace of a secular agenda.

The authors find evidence of deep-seated hostility to the Church in particular, excluding it from important areas of policy and research – despite Mr Blair being one of the most devout prime ministers of the past century. They portray a Government committed to research into Muslim communities but barely interested in Christian involvement in Britain’s civic and charitable life.

. . . Academics from the Von Hugel Institute at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, approached every Church of England bishop as well as more than 250 MPs, peers and academics. About 70 of the 106 diocesan and suffragan bishops responded. “Every participant in our study from the Church agreed that there was a deep ‘religious illiteracy’ on the part of the Government, especially on the local level, and that an increased tendency to centralised, mega-contracts in some government departments was bad for the whole of the voluntary sector,” they write. . . .

Read the entire article. British society has been coming apart at the seams for a long time as socialism has become ever more dominant. Half the problem is that the Anglican Church has an absolute sociliast nut job as its highest minister - Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams - a man who seems an apologist for Islam and blames the West for Islamic radicalism. He is not only ineffective as the archbishop, he himself is a threat to Christianity in Britain.

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MK said...

I agree, i don't know what it is, but people these days seem drunk or paralyzed to see what's right in front of them. Back in the day, people were grumbling to get the church out of the state, these days they're fighting to keep the state out of the church. That's how bad things are in Britain now.