Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tory Perfidy and British Sheep

If ever you questioned whether the Tory "Conservative Party" presented an alternative to the socialist Labour Party, put your questions to rest. They are no different. Even as Labour transfers British sovereignty to the EU without any say of the British people, the Boy Wonder shows his true colors. David Cameron states that he will not hold a referendum on the EU. And in reply, nary a "baa" is heard from the sheep across the pond.

All three major British political parties, Tory, Lib Dem and Labour, promised the electorate three years ago that they would not transfer sovereignty to the EU without a referendum of the electorate. Labour ripped up that promise and has signed on the EU dotted line, refusing a referendum. Now the Tory party has tossed up its arms and said that they will not hold a referendum either. This from the Telegraph:

[Tory Leader] David Cameron has admitted that he may never be able to fulfill his promise to hold a referendum on the European Treaty.

The Conservative leader had wanted a poll on the Lisbon Treaty before its powers came into force, but has said it may be too late to reverse them by the time he becomes Prime Minister.

Legislation to ratify the EU Treaty is currently being pushed through Parliament by the Government, and should complete its final stages well before the next General Election, which is likely to be held in just under two year's time.

. . . Addressing a meeting in Harlow, in Essex, Mr Cameron admitted it would be "almost impossible" to have a referendum on the Treaty if it was already law in the UK and the rest of Europe.

He added: "We may have to say, well look, we're not happy with this situation, here are some of the powers we'd like to have back.

"But we can't give you that referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because it's already been put in place across the rest of Europe."

Read the entire article.

This is the penultimate betrayal of the British electorate. Cameron's excuse for his position is pure prevarication. Per the new Constitution, there is clearly delinieated method for withdraw from the EU which Britain could accomplish and then negotiate any method they want with the EU for trade, etc. That is not what the professional politicos of the Tory Party want. This must be a God send for Cameron, as he and his cronies get fully onto the EU gravy train and now use the laughable excuse of a Labour fait accompli to justify their complicity. As Peter Hitchens said not long ago, "I can guarantee that, as long as the Tories occupy the place which should be taken by a proper opposition, there's not the slightest hope of real change for the better." He is spot on in his assessment.

The Tory Party, since the day they got rid of Margaret Thatcher because of her opposition to the EU, has been sleeping in the same bed with Labour on this. The EU is a gravy train for the professional politicos of Britain. It is anything but that for the British populace, but that matters little since they have no say in the matter.

In America, a change on the scale of what is happening in Britain would require a fundamental revision of the Constitution - and indeed, the tsunami of laws and regulations from the EU are working a fundamental and quite likely irreversible change in Britain. My sense is - and I say this without any sort of melodrama - were a fundamental change of such a magnitude to our structure of government be taken fiat in America as it is being done in Britain, blood would fill the streets. Yet there is nary a "baa" from the sheep across the pond. I will simply never understand this - not from the country that has fought so dearly and repeatedly for its rights, from the time of the Magna Carta forward through to the battlefields of Europe.

Update: I do stand corrected. I forgot for a moment the EU Referendum, possibly the best blog on both sides of the pond, which has been leading the fight on the EU. Unfortunately, even they see no hope in the foreseeable future.

Update 2: The one country holding a referendum on this new EU Constitution is Ireland. They will vote on 12 June. As it stands today, the "No" votes hold a slight lead. Even if Ireland does vote down the Constitution, it will probably not even slow down the EU.

It should also be noted that the EU's latest anti-democratic effort is to do away with representation of Eurosceptic parties in the EU parliament.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have noticed the small band who oppose the EU and all its works. But after 50 years of ridicule by the europhiliacs, it is difficult to get the average person to think that there is anything wrong with the body. Yes, I know that the accounts haven't been signed off by the auditors for 15 or so consecutive years; yes I know that tales of corruption keep on coming out of the place; yes I know that they want to break up England into 9 of their God-forsaken "regions"; but as long as "Big Brother" is on TV and there is beer in the supermarket, the average person does not want to know.

The only warning that I'd dare to give is to watch the North American Free Trade Area like a hawk. There have been secret meetings, it is how the EU started, if they learn from the EU, they can do it quicker and with the same lack of opposition. Then you will wake up one day and find that you just happen to have a North American Union.

Me? I'm too old to emigrate, no other country will give me permanent residence status, I'm just not young enough to be worth anything.

KG said...

What Yokel said is -sadly- so damn true.